Choice, Support & Independence: choosing what best suits you with Direct Payments 

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Direct Payments are provided by the local authority or council to enable individuals who receive social care services to buy and manage their own care and support. They can then choose and decide where they get their support and what the money is spent on appropriately. In fact, Direct Payments give people the freedom to create and manage their services according to their own assessed needs, by social care services.

If you would like to know more about Direct Payments, how to get assessed for eligibility and what you are allowed to spend it on then visit the NHS Choices website.


If you have been assessed and qualified for support then your options are:


Choosing support from your council or Local Authority

This option means that your Local Authority will arrange and manage your care package. To make sure that your needs are met time and effectively, a Local Authority will either have in-house social care services teams or may work with a local, trustworthy and registered independent health and social care provider like Honor Care Limited.


Choosing to employ your own carer by yourself

This gives you full control over the care and support you receive including choosing the individual who will provide that care, very often referred to as “Personal Assistant”. If this option appeals to you then it is important to be mindful that by recruiting a personal assistant you automatically become the employer. As an employer you need to:

  • be responsible for deducting income tax;
  • make sure that your pay rates meet statutory minimum wage regulations
  • consider the legal requirements, such as rest breaks, working hours, holidays, and sick pay
  • have Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance
  • be confident that they have the experience, relevant training and qualifications to undertake the job you need them for.

You may also decide to hire a self-employed personal assistant in which you would need to make sure that they have undertaken responsibility for the above. It is important to note that provision of care by a personal assistant is not governed by your regulatory body, who regulate and monitor standards of care provided. So you may consider taking security measures by carefully checking the background of the individual you are employing. If you choose to employ your own carer then Honor Care Limited can provide support during your carer’s holiday or circumstances whereby care cannot be provided.


Choosing an independent home care provider

An independent provider like Honor Care Limited will work with individuals to create a personal support plan. This is largely based on individual specific assessed needs and choices, lifestyle, and cultural background matching them with the appropriately experienced and qualified staff.

This option certainly comes with piece of mind and the assurance that the people assisting you have received relevant training and hold qualifications to perform their roles effectively and safely. Essentially, home care teams within a private care provider will also get regular monitoring, training and support.

The standard of care provided by an independent care provider such as Honor Care Limited is regulated and monitored by the regulatory body, CQC. It is very often preferable to choose an established and experienced local provider, which can gives you peace of mind and reassurance.


Choosing Honor Care Limited

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