Care/Support Worker Job Description

The role of a support worker at Honor Care Limited

 As you have decided to make a difference, you will join other like-mined and compassionate workers in Honor Care Limited team.

Please carefully read the job description of your interested role as this will give you a better understanding of what is expected of you when applying.

All care workers are subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously known as CRB).

Honor Care Limited home care staff supports our clients in their own homes, maintaining their dignity, independence and safety throughout.


Is this the right role for you?

This question is quite important to ask yourself because you need to be really sure before you even start our recruitment process.

If you are not really sure then please feel free to learn more about being a home care staff by simply having a read through our website. You are also welcome to contact us and meet an experienced care worker who will talk you through so that you can gain a better understanding.

All home care workers are required to apply and achieve a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (previously known as CRB) check.


Personal attributes of Honor Care Limited home care staff

You are required to genuinely care and treat the welfare of other people just as you would do it if they were your own family members. You will have respect, compassion and a genuine desire to help our clients enjoy their life irrespective of their conditions.

You are required to have unconditional positive regard for all of your clients at all times. Many of our care staff entered care purely because they naturally have these key attributes, and when they return the end of the shift, they have peace of mind that they have put a smile on someone’s face or made the day better for they cared for.

In many cases, you are going to be the only social contact that a customer might have on that day so it is vitally crucial that you are able to quickly build a trusting working relationship with your clients. Of course, trust comes from a well-trained and confident home care staff, which is what we will provide, the rest is entirely your initiative.

Your utmost commitment to us and our clients

Be mindful that when you commit yourself to our rota you automatically commit to our customers’ lives.Without your care some of our customers will be at extreme risk of compromising with their safety or dignity. You may appreciate that some customers rely upon you because they are unable to do things for themselves.

Summary of the role of a home care staff at Honor Care Limited

The role of our home care staff is to assist customers largely within the comfort of their own homes but, occasionally they are required to care for people within residential or nursing care homes, extra care housing complexes, sheltered or very housing units or day care centres.

You will be required to report to the care manager or supervisor during your working day as well as required to communicate regularly with the care coordinator.

Your role will vary in terms you will be expected to undertake tasks that might usually be undertaken by a relative or close friend or neighbour. Nonetheless, the manner in which you would be expected to carry out these duties, is in a well-trained, professional and well knowledgeable manner.

You will be expected to be fully aware of the personal care needs and requirements of your clients as well as communicating effectively not only with your clients, but also with other important people in their lives such as family or friends or other healthcare professionals.

You will also be expected to be responsible to alert the care manager or your supervisor of any causes for concerns or changes in your client's condition.

You will equally be required to always keep a clear and accurate record of each home care visit.

The type of care that you provide will vary from customer to customer or be unique to the person you support but may include:

Personal Care

Help customers to get up and ready for the day or to settle in for the night, undressing, bathing, toileting washing, and dressing.

Practical Support

Day-to-day activities such as cleaning, tidying, laundry, preparing and cooking meals, shopping and taking customers out and about such as for medical appointments,  social events or shopping.

Specialist Care

Assisting customers with more complex care needs for example, people with acquired brain injury, those living with permanent conditions such as dementia or those with end of life care.

Emotional support

Irrespective of the physical support provided, what often matter or make the difference to the people who receive care is the emotional support and connection they have with their care staff.


Person Specification


  • Enthusiastic to work towards Common Induction Standards and relevant training courses 
  • Genuine compassion, respect and care for other people
  • Ability to discharge empathy and warmth to everybody
  • Ability to uphold confidentiality
  • Good communication, planning and timekeeping skills 
  • Ability to fully understand the role or have and relate to previous care experience
  • Ability to always follow instructions
  • Your own transport (depending on area you have applied for)
  • Flexible availability to match clients’ needs


Key Competencies

  • To timely attend all clients calls
  • To fully understand that each home care visit is very important
  • To professionally manage difficult and emergency situations
  • To be able to communicate effectively with other people
  • To uphold high standards of home care provision at all times


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Home care worker job application form

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