We promote independent living for the elderly with our home care service


Millions of people in the UK are aged over 65 and life expectancy will continue to increase alongside the demand for home care and support for the elderly. This is essential because many families have come to recognise that this is a more affordable and viable alternative to their loved one moving into permanent residential or nursing care home.

We understand that with ever busy schedule these days, it is undoubtedly difficult for an adult child or children to look after their loved elderly person. In other words, with taxing jobs or childcare or a move far away to another country means you need a typical trust worthy and reliable home support service to care for your parent or loved one.


How can we help you?

Honor Care Limited delivers care and support in people’s homes with a aim to averting or postponing the need for a more costly residential or nursing care home option.

Our dedicated home care staff are experienced, skilled, highly trained, competent, friendly and compassionate people who are always proud to provide high quality home care and support for the elderly. You can assure you that you or your elderly relative or loved one will be well looked in terms of receiving the care and support that is anticipated, needed and deserved.


Supporting independence

We promote independent living meaning we will endeavour to do things 'with' rather than ‘for’ those we support, wherever possible. Remaining independent for as long as possible is vital because it helps to retain a sense of well-being.

In our experience over the years, most elderly people are highly independent people who appreciate the approach we have taken.


Person centred care planning

Our person centred approach means we plan mainly around the elderly person’s wishes whilst ensuring that he or she gets the best quality life. Our home visits can be as little as a fifteen minutes for 'security, safety and well' check, regular home support with personal care or washing and dressing or medication or day-to-day activities or even a more specialist help for stroke intensive rehabilitaiton or dementia care for example.


To find out more information about how we can help you….

Contact our office on 0121 448 6620 or fill our enquire form or email us using enquiries@honorcarelimited.co.uk


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